The Mortgage Process

We are bringing transparency to the entire mortgage loan process.

We put together this walk-through of the mortgage loan process. Therefore, you become an informed Borrower. Use this guide and watch our Facebook videos to brush up on your mortgage loan knowledge.


Step 1: Getting Pre-approval

You’re ready to buy and secure your mortgage funding for your dream home. We do loans for the entire state of California. Specializing in home loans from SimiValley LosAngeles, and similarly, Orange County.

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The next step is to schedule an appointment with us.

Step 2: Initial Document Review

Congratulations! Your offer on a home is accepted, now it’s time to submit your mortgage loan to underwriting.

Step 3: Mortgage Loan Underwriting Review 

Your Mortgage loan underwriting doesn’t need to be scary or long. For example, we see approvals as quickly as the next day.

When you choose us as your Mortgage Advisor, we, therefore, become your Home Loan Advocates.

Step 4: Home Appraisal Process

The appraiser will check the condition of the home. Similarly, they look at other factors such as a neighborhood. Similar homes that sold in the past six months. Finally the home’s replacement cost.

Step 5: Mortgage Loan is Clear to Close

You are almost to the mortgage finish line. The mortgage loan is approved! Similarly, the interest rate locked. You are ready to set a date and close your mortgage loan.
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